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I started writing songs in treatment.  35 days in a trauma-treatment center after the amazing life I had built collapsed around me.  I had played guitar for years but never dared write my own songs.  All of a sudden, lyrics came pouring out. 


My guitar and the expression of these songs saved my life. So did the artistic expressions of others. Music, film, stage, poetry -- all the artistic expressions burrowed their way into my heart and and kept it beating.


If you've lived a life and are wondering what's next in that life, yeah -- I get it.  This journey is always an out and back journey.  A return as we try and come back to who we really are and maybe meeting that person for the first time. Somehow, that's my story.

We keep going.  I've somehow managed to.  So can you.  If this music helps along the way in any way -- well, that is what it's for.


-- Drew Syed

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