Prompt: "TV/Media Memory"

I was always taken away to other places. Deep space, or the western frontier. Or another planet. Escape. Adventure. Discovery. Going where no one had gone before. That's where I wanted to go. There are no frontiers here anymore.

The opening scene of that oversized galactic spaceship floating through deep space. I was awestruck at its massiveness and its reality. It was evil and menacing and awesome and something to be fought against. The soundtrack that followed the ship made that clear.

I would embody those characters. My bike became my X-wing fighter. I flew between the trees as if they were enemy stations trying to take me out. No one could catch me. No one came close. I fought the empire all by myself.

I remember the disappointment I felt when I learned it wasn't real. There was no cosmic battle in the stars to join. No C3PO and no Chewbacca. When I looked to the stars, instead of a cause, there was only sky and space and dark. I really was stuck here on this planet and its petty wars.

I can still hear the music. And see the ships that cross the black. and I still long for a transport to take me away to a different fight.

In a previous life I was an explorer. And in a life to come I will travel the stars. This in-between existence has been an interlude to an otherwise adventurous cycle of lifetimes. I am Magellan. I am Luke Skywalker. I am going somewhere where no one has dared go before.