Prompt: "Since That Day"

Since that day. Since what day? Which day would you like to choose? I can pick a number of days where the destiny of my life was thwarted. My fault. Their fault. It doesn't fucking matter, does it?

Whatever happened in between those days, I'm here. So the equation that is "since that day" equals this answer. This total sum of my life. Here. Strangers. With no purpose, home, family or sense of self anymore. UnlessI dare hope. And hope? Well that is a dangerous road, isn't it? It is, as Obama stated, audacious.

But back to it. What day are you referring to? July 24 was when I entered this world. Peterborough, England. A 17 year old mother and a black father. Poor. Those are some fucked up cards right from the start. But I found a way to play them. Chips stacked against me. Wrong side of the tracks. Move me around the world. Keep me uprooted, unsettled. Yell at me. Ignore me. Fuck you. I'm a dreamer and I will dream.

Yeah, 'since that day' I have built. And crashed. And built again. And crashed again. And here I sit. In another crash. This one, though, is a fucking train wreck.

I really don't know what other days matter. There are so many. And so few. A blur of life rushing past my consciousness here in these empty hours. Flashes of the past. Fear of the future. Future? I have more hope than fear I think. Well, maybe not. Check that. I don't know. Ask me again tomorrow.

Tomorrow. That's the day. Since that day, the tomorrow day I will focus on. Horizon. Possibility. Peace. A life I define and create. I'm there. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow. Breathe that in. It's not here yet, but it matters. Because what else is there unless there is a tomorrow to reach for? Me and Ziggy Marley -- we are tomorrow people.

Tomorrow -- SINCE THAT DAY exists -- I will continue to exist and fight and breathe and struggle and speak and sing and play and live. And live. And live. And live. And live...